Dr Mark Ryan 

Consultant Psychiatrist

Mark provides general and specialised psychiatric assessments, including psychological, psychosomatic, sleep and a range of other assessments to inform personalised treatments.

He has an interest in neuroscience and philosophy and takes a systems approach to understanding and helping people. This approach  acknowledges the dynamics of the complex body-brain-mind-world relationship and the multiple factors and reciprocal relationships that impact on well-being and functioning and point to "causation" being not due to one thing, but to many. Thus, he will when appropriate also refer to other practitioners to enable this more comprehensive assistance and treatment approach.

Mark has extensive experience using a range of neuromodulation methods such as the integrated use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (r-TMS), personalised medicine methods applied within a psychotherapeutic framework and an interest in psychedelic  assisted psychotherapy.

He has a particular interest in the role of sleep as both a symptom and a transdiagnostic factor and the importance of diet, lifestyle and related issues in understanding health, well-being, ill health and longevity.

He has extensive experience working with people who have concurrent psychological and physical symptoms, psychosomatic health and life challenges, including physical health problems.  He considers that the interpersonal relationship is an important context in which all assistance and healing occurs.

Mark is also available for Telehealth consultations across Australia, as well as for office based consultations.